Zoe University does not have a recruitment agency and depends on the advertisement of the University and word of mouth from its students.


Eligibility for admission to an academic program at Zoe University is determined by the applicant’s awareness of the following standards: 

  1. The equal rights of all human beings.   Zoe University does not discriminate on the basis of handicap, sex, age, and race, national or ethnic origin.
  2. The applicant’s awareness of the objectives of the University, the philosophy, the academic program and regulations and be in basic agreement with the purposes of the University.
  3. The graduate must be of an approved high school or have earned a high school equivalency certificate.
  4. The Launch Program for provisional status:  For those who are not able to meet all requirements in item “C”.   See details under Launch Program.


 All applications for admission will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  All applicants who comply with the criteria for admissions and who exhibit an earnest desire to pursue a disciplined and sequential program of studies with satisfactory academic achievement and have arranged for the payment of their tuition will be admitted.  A personal interview will be held by a designee of the Admissions Committee with every applicant in the questionable status for admission.  The Admissions Committee reserves the right to deny admissions to anyone who does not present satisfactory evidence of being in harmony with the philosophy of Zoe University or who is not able to meet the financial tuition obligations.


Students who do not qualify for regular admission to Zoe University but who appear to have the potential to succeed in college are invited to enroll in the Launch Program. This Launch Program places students in a provisional status for one year.  Provisional status means that the student must prove himself by maintaining a 2.0 grade point average for one year and will then be considered as a regular student after having also completed a three-credit course in English Communication Skills.


Zoe University will accept transfer credits from other colleges providing a “C” or better grade was earned, in the course for which credit is transferred.  An official transcript must be received, in order for credits to be transferred (An official transcript is one sent by the Office of the Registrar of the issuing institution directly to the Office of Admissions).  Only such credits as can be applied to the degree requirements of Zoe University will be accepted for transfer.   Semester credit hours will transfer on an equivalent basis; quarter hours will transfer by dividing 1.5 into the quarter hours to get semester hours.  A maximum of 99 credits may be applied toward the Bachelor Degree.  Applicants within nine (9) credit hours of the Associate Degree level will be admitted at that degree level “with credit deficiency” to be earned simultaneously while working at the higher degree level.

For Veteran’s Credit from Previous Education or Training, students must report all education and training.  The school will evaluate and grant credit based upon the institution form which it comes.  If appropriate, with the training time shortened, the tuition reduced proportionately, and the VA and student notified.


A former Zoe University student who was neither enrolled nor active at the school during the past 12 months must apply for readmission.  A month prior to registration is recommended. The following policies apply to the readmission of undergraduate degree candidates:

If enrolled at another institution during the period since last enrolled at this University, an official transcript must be submitted to the Registrar’s office.  All students under consideration for readmission must have all previous accounts paid in full prior to readmission.


An undergraduate must meet the same requirements with the following additions: 

  1. Test of English as a foreign language.
  2. Documentation: Certified copies of academic records must be accompanied by English translations where necessary.
  3. Financial Guarantee: A completed Confidential Financial Statement is required.  Funds must be in U. S. Equivalent currency.
  4. Submission of Application:   Must meet all immigration regulations and issuance of student visa.   All supporting evidence must accompany applications and be submitted sixty (60) days prior to registration.