The Zoe University general education requirements must be met by all candidates for the Bachelor degree regardless of the major.  The core is designed to be the foundation upon which each program is built, just as Jesus is the cornerstone upon which the church is founded.


The purpose of the Bachelor degree is to prepare students to serve the local churches or other forms of Christian work and ministry.


  1. To develop a sound Scriptural basis for a Christian ministry.
  2. To demonstrate effectiveness in oral and written communication.
  3. To acquaint the student with the world around him and the important problems of our world and the methods of seeking their solutions.
  4. To prepare the student for successful and satisfying living as an individual in the home, community and in the church.
  5. To prepare each student to communicate clearly and effectively.
  6. To cultivate an appreciation for sound Christian and moral values.
  7. To provide a sound Biblical basis for critical thinking and judgment in the use of the Word of God in ones life.
  8. To demonstrate an understanding of counseling principles and techniques required to meet individual needs.


ASSOCIATE OF ARTS – sixty-six (66) semester hours

BACHELOR OF ARTS – one hundred thirty-two (132) semester hours

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – one hundred thirty two (132) semester hours