Advanced Placement


Zoe University recognizes that many applicants have reached college-level knowledge outside the college classroom through specialized study programs, institutes, professional experience, self-study and other non-traditional means. Assessment of knowledge will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Admissions Committee and Faculty for the courses involved. Each applicant’s prior experiential learning is unique.

Therefore, the burden falls to each applicant to organize and present adequate documentation for the assessment of prior college-level learning and the award of academic credit by the University’s College of Undergraduate Studies.  While the faculty offers guidance, it is the responsibility of the applicant to recall and review past experience, organize it by academic area and present it as the equivalent of college level work.  Zoe University limits its acceptance of prior experiential learning to a maximum of 99 semester credit hours at the Undergraduate level.  Regardless of an individual’s actual prior assessment, a minimum of 33 semester credit hours must be taken at Zoe University in order to receive a degree.


  1.  Application Fee – $50.00
  2. Assessment Fee – $60.00 per credit hour Portfolio must include the following:
    1. Résumé including names, addresses and dates of each life experience for consideration.
    2. A personal narrative statement supporting each item in the résumé.
    3. Activities and accomplishments including pictures, brochures, programs, etcetera during the years of life experience submitted.
    4. Copy of license, ordination, certificates and any other types of recognition.
    5. Other materials as applicable.
    6. Portfolio is to be submitted in a loose leaf binder.