Foreign Missions Internships

Zoe University works in partnerships with several foreign mission organizations including the following:

  1. Indonesia- Rev. Els de la Croix, Orphanage and Evangelism.
  2. Philippines- Rev. Ben Teud, Pastor, Evangelism and Outreach to the Islands.
  3. India- Rev. Daniel Paul, Pastor, Evangelism and Outreach Ministry
  4. Nigeria- Rev. Dr. Margaret Idahosa, Pastor and Bishop over multiple churches in Africa and Evangelism.
  5. Israel- Rev. Dr. Shlomo Hozak, Bible Center and School of Israel’s History.
  6. Holland- Rev. Dr. David Maashbach, Pastor and Evangelism.
  7. Zimbabwe- Rev. Dr. Ezekiel Guti, Pastor and Bishop over multiple churches in Zimbabwe.
  8. Mexico- Rev. Dr. Keith Powell, Orphanage, Church Planting and Evangelism.