Re-Admission Application

A former Zoe University student who was neither enrolled nor active at the school during the past 12 months must apply for re-admission.  A month prior to registration is recommended. The following policies apply to the re-admission of undergraduate degree candidates:

If enrolled at another institution during the period since last enrolled at this University, an official transcript must be submitted to the Registrar’s office.  All students under consideration for re-admission must have all previous accounts paid in full prior to readmission.

Please fill out these forms as completely as possible.  Be sure to read the Re-Admission Application and Financial Application, forwarding them to Zoe University along with all of the necessary articles that cannot be conveyed via the internet.  Returning students can submit their Applications in either of the following two methods:

  • Those interested in re-enrollment can print the application form Re-Admission Application and complete all the requested information and submit it with the appropriate fees via email to or US Mail to Zoe University, 6504 Arlington Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32211.  To utilize this option, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 and above.  If you do not have it, please be sure to download the latest version for your system free.  Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note:  In order to process any Re-Admissions Application with Zoe University, it must be accompanied with a minimum $35.00 application fee.  Applications submitted without this fee will not be considered.